Monday, August 31, 2009

Avert your eyes, naked walls are afoot!

Hello again our little greenagins. Let's talk naked, shall we? Oh, oh my! Well, by all means please, make yourself comfortable, however, we're talking naked walls. Time to throw some color on those puppies, but not just any color. Great news! It can be green color! Yes, we are here to inform you of Roos. Roos is an environmentally friendly wallpaper, that's, get this, awesome! Yes! We love it and think you will too! It comes in awesome colors, awesome textures, awesome patterns, awesome, awesome, awesome!

What most people probably do not know is that wall paper typically uses a terrible and sometimes deadly chemical called PVC. PVC has been linked to immune system suppression, reproductive disorders, a variety of cancers and endometriosis in other words, bad news. You don't want that stuff near you or your kids, trust us. Let's just say this stuff is beyond your usual wallpaper coverings in design (like, um, the picture you see up top, yeah it's glass!) ALSO it's made of recycle materials AND it's made from rapidly renewable resources. So, check out Roos! We carry them, so if you're interested email us and let's talk.

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