Monday, August 17, 2009


Bamboo, it’s not just for panda’s anymore. Now, it’s for you too! Bamboo flooring is a big hit right now in the design market. Like Shaws products, this stuff is perfect for you tree-huggers, because well, it’s not tree, it’s bamboo! You might be thinking “I’m no fool, I know I’m still cutting down a plant. Still not environmental.” Think of bamboo like you would your kids, they just seemed to sprout up over night. Unlike, say an oak tree, which might take 120 years to get to it’s full size. Additionally, most bamboo is grown on controlled farms in China, which means the entire rainforest isn't being wiped out. Yea!, like Bambie, Toucan Sam get’s to keep his home too!

If you're worried about style, fear not. This stuff looks and feels no different then woods you know and love. You might even go as far to say it is, "Bambootiful?" Too much? Unlike most woods, which get their color by staining, bamboo gets it's color by heating. That being said, the more heat it's given the darker and softer it gets. So, a dark bamboo might be compared to a Black Walnut and a light bamboo might be compared to a maple. To clarify, bamboo is not any more or less durable then the average wood floor. It's still going to get dents and scratches just the same, but not worse.

We bet you are in love now you. You are soooo in love with bamboo that you want to make your entire home bamboo! Are we close? Do you feel that way?? Well, you're in luck, you can in fact make virtually your entire house bamboo! Are you not so excited you can hardly stand it!? We are!! Let's give you a little run down on what exactly you can have made out of bamboo:

Counter Tops
Kitchen Carts (Cart on wheels for wine and cheese parties)
Cutting Boards
Heck, you can even wear bamboo clothes while you type on your bamboo computer! Yes! Bamboo computer!

The opportunities are nearly endless when it comes to bamboo and if you're looking to furnish your house in it, we are the people to come to. Email us if you are interested and would like further information on how you too can live like a panda and surround yourself in this awesome plant!

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