Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's all the Buzzzzz about??

We are sure you've heard all of the hype about bees and how they are becoming a rarity these days. The problem, they are finding, is the pesticides in the country that are beeing used. Our poor little bumbley friends aren't used to all those chemicals and just can't take it. So, they're dying. These are country bees though, what about city bees? City bees, specifically New York City bees, well they're doing great still! They've got a tougher skin, they know how to look pollution and pesticides in the face say "Ay, you, yeah you, I'm talkin' to you! Yeah, you don't scare me, uhhuh, 'cause I'm bee, dats right, a bee. So, buzz off!" Or something to that effect. The reality is that less pesticides are used in the city then in the country. Also, city bees are exposed to more varieties of bee species in the city then in the country.

Anyways, New York City has recently lifted the ban on beekeeping! This is great news! Bees are on their way to the top again! Bringing with them that sweet nectar we call honey, the only food that will never go bad (seriously, they've found honey in the pyramids in Egypt and it was still good to eat).

Now that you're all Buzzzzzed about bees, we bet you want to help them, right?? Well you can, and with style of course. Erica Schwartz, a local artist in New York City designs hive cuffs inspired by, you guessed it, honey combs! We just think these cuffs are, well, the bees knees in jewelry! Not only that but, 20% of your purchase will go towards helping New York City bees! Check them out on our website and have your own piece of buzz worthy wrist wear!