Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All that noise, noise noise!!

Love your home entertainment sounds system, but not exactly egger to hear Jurassic Park being played at full volume while you're reading in the study? Guess what...we have a secret.... Gather 'round children as we tell of wallpaper that is sound proof. Gasp! Can it be?? Yes, yes it can and it is!! This stuff is super thick, comes in five textures, AND can be painted over. No more "HEY KIDS, CAN YOU TURN THAT DOWN, I CAN HARDLY HEAR MYSELF THINK!" Just you time. It's called Sempatech and it's made by our buddies Roos. You know them, those cool guys that make the glass, eco-friendly wallpaper. Same dudes. Email us for further info on how you line some walls with this little wonder.

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