Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's Give It Up for Shaw!!!!!! *clap clap clap*

We want to make Shaw your new best friend, just like you are our new best friend :D Shaw does amazing things for the environment, and since we know you love it like your own child, we thought you might be interested to know that Shaw does too. Now, where to begin.... To help us stay on track we're going to focus on carpeting. Have no fear, we won't be trying to sell you straw carpeting! No, no this carpeting is pretty, soft, and has s-t-y-l-e...style. How about sustainability? Well, Shaw uses a great little method called cradle-to-cradle meaning they take used products, make them into pretty carpet products, recycle it, and use it all over again. It goes round and round! Most place however use a yucky cradle-to-grave method where they take down poor trees to make materials and then throw out whatever is left over. Poor little wasted green buddies... If we haven't convinced you yet that Shaw's a great guy, then how about this, he's going to do your recycling FOR YOU!!! Yep! Once you've ripped that shag carpeting up from your disco days, you can drop it off at any one of Shaw's carpet collection spots. This includes one in Columbus! Well we could just go on and on and on and on...and on about Shaw, but you should just check him out for yourself:


If you want to know how you can get some of this great "foot warmer" for your floor, hit us up and we'll hook you up!

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